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Welcome to Aspire Health Options. We are happy you are here. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and show how we can help with your current health concern. Our goal is to get at the root case of your health issues. 

Since you are unique, so is your health history and healthcare goals. We concentrate on providing care that is specific to the individual by providing the best treatment available through a multi-disciplinary holistic approach.


Sher’s undergraduate degree is in engineering. However later in life she returned to school in search of a career change, she found it sitting in the first row of her anatomy and physiology class. She became friends with a classmate whose entire family contracted Lyme disease during a family vacation to the east cost. She was drawn the alternative medicine methods the family used and sought the services of the allopathic MD for herself. Turns out similar symptoms she had personally experienced were diagnosed as Lyme disease as well. She was seen and treated by Dr. Nader Soliman, M.D. of Rockville, Maryland. Impressed with her treatment results, she returned to learn and train from him through his classes and hands-on training with clients. 

Dr. Soliman is a leading authority in Auricular Therapy, Auricular Medicine and Complex Homeopathy. With the guidance from Dr. Soliman, Sher has learned the latest techniques in bio-energetic field allergy testing, energetic medicine, and complex homeopathy. She started training with Dr. Soliman in 2015 and has continuously sought his teachings by participating in his hands-on apprentice training programs. Sher continues each and every year to expand her knowledge and expertise with the advances of Dr. Soliman, MD, and the American Auricular Training Institute.

Extraordinary approach

Wether you are struggling with general health issues or difficult medical problems such as Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia we can help get you back on the path to achieving proper healing.

Evaulation and treatment method is the brilliant and innovative work of Dr. Nader Soliman a recognized authority of “Auricular Medicine.”

Core Values of care

We’re here to not only provide care, but also to provide healing — a more personal level of healthcare.

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