If you are a new client, please read and fill out all of the paperwork under New Patient Documents below, paying close attention to the dates paperwork must be in to us.  Paperwork MUST be emailed us 3 business days prior to your scheduled appointment or we may need to reschedule. Please especially take time to fill out the History & Symptom List.  All of the questions are there for a reason and all are important.

Please note that the nutritional supplements are in an alcohol/water base. If you cannot have alcohol, please contact us prior to your appointment as there are other options available.

Client Information

Pre-Booking Information

History & Symptom List


Follow-up appointments are typically 8 weeks from the previous appointment. If you are coming for a follow-up visit, please fill out the Follow-Up Symptom List located below. We will need this form 3 business days prior to your appointment. You may fill and email it to sher@aspirehealthoptions.com

**Please also come prepared with a list of approximately how full each bottle is. This will not only make the check out process quicker, but especially comes in handy when decreasing the times per day a remedy is taken, ultimately ensuring you do not purchase more than you need.

Follow-Up Symptom List

Folllow-Up Instrustions


If you are a new SAAT client, please read and fill out all of the paperwork below. Feel free to bring your paperwork to your appointment with you or if you would rather you can email it ahead of time to sher@aspirehealthoptions.com. 

SAAT New Client

SAAT Prebooking

SAAT Consent

SAAT Care Instructions

SAAT Child/Guardian

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