auricular medicine

What is Auricular Medicine

& Bio-Energetic Testing

Have you ever considered that the ear could be utilized as a window into the human body providing invaluable information about the status of any tissue, organ or system? Throughout the history of mankind, the ear has been recognized as a tool for both diagnosis and treatment. In the 1950’s Dr. Paul Nogier, a French physician and engineer, discovered that the ear is a reflex system that connects to every part of the body. He mapped the ear’s reflex points, and measured its response to electrical frequencies. This hallmark discovery introduced the first coherent auricular (ear) acupuncture microsystem. The simplest form of this acupuncture system is known as ear acupuncture.

The ear offers a whole acupuncture system separate from the common well-known body acupuncture meridians. However, the ear acpuncture system is much more sophisticated than simply using it for just the insertion of needles. Further research and discoveries by Nogier lead to development of Auricular (ear) Medicine, a highly specialized form of acupuncture that uses the ear for evaluation and treatment of energetic disturbances.

Your body’s evaluation through this method can provide invaluable information about the status of every single organ, allowing early treatment and restoration of the integrity of tissues, organs and systems.

Furthermore, while body acupuncture is concerned with the status of the energy circulation throughout the body (acupuncture meridians), Auricular Medicine studies the energetic status of the individual organs and tissues. For example, a liver that is fighting excess toxins in the body may appear clinically healthy through means of physical examination and laboratory testing. Auricular Medicine examination however may detect energetic disturbance in the liver allowing us to support the liver functions through variable methods well before physical signs become apparent.

In a similar way energetic disturbances of various organs could be detected. This may help with treatment of various medical problems where laboratory and other methods of investigations fail to detect physical disturbances. This might be helpful in such cases as infertility where all investigations turn out to be negative.

Bio-Energetic Testing

A sophisticated, complex, and fascinating way of using the electromagnetic signals of the body to give health information.

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