Auricular bio-energetic testing

Auricular Bio-energetic Testings (ABT) uses the ear for evaluation and treatment of energetic disturbances. Dr. Paul Nogier, a French physician and engineer, discovered in the 1950’s that the ear is a reflex system that connects to every part of the body. He dedicated a great portion of his life to learning about the healing power of the ear. He mapped the ear’s reflex points, and measured its response to electrical frequencies. In 1966 he noticed a pulse reflex when stimulating certain ear points, which eventually led to the discovery of the Vascular Autonomic Signal or VAS. He developed a system which uses the VAS and the bio-electrical field surrounding the ear which became Auricular Medicine. ABT uses the body’s subtle electromagnetic field combined with the VAS Pulse Signal to measure the body’s response to various substances. Homeopathic vials are placed on a plate nearby, for example homeopathic liver tissue. If the person has a problem with their liver, the pulse will respond accordingly. And if the appropriate remedy is added to the plate, the pulse will give a positive signal. This is only a minuscule example of the incredible applications of this method. By balancing, testing, and body’s bio-energetic field, chronic pathologies can be improved.

Vascular Autonomic Signal 

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